RJ THE Magicican Presents: I Hate Everyone

Fresh reasons to hate the world by Wisconsin's only 22 year old black magician (What a combination)

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RJ THE Podcast Host

Well ... Being a 22 year old single magician is hard

Rajon Lynch AKA RJ the magician is an award winning  comedy-magician, Ted Speaker, college lecturer, whiter and podcast host. He has performed for numerous colleges nationwide as well lecturing on topics like business, magic psychology, teaching magic and show producing at colleges across Wisconsin. RJ's writings on the history of black magicians, segregation in entertainment and non-profits have earned him multiple features in various publications in Wisconsin from "Fox Cities Magazine", to "Insight on Business Magazine". But yet despite this excellence RJ was fired the first day of his new job as a host at Cumulus Broadcasting  because he had a bad driving record; a reality on present due to his dark completion and the eager Wisconsin Police force. RJ decided that day he would make his podcast his way, with no guests, no station managers and no rules. Welcome to "I hate Everyone".

Why does RJ hate Everyone?

Growing up ugly, and tho only child of a Jehovah's Witness mother RJ had a lot of time to think to himself. In those 21 years of solidarity RJ crafted the ability  to tell stories with the unique quality of connecting the "unconnectable". Now a full time magician RJ's family is slightly skeptical due to the possibility of his potential relationship with the dark lord, Satan. However being a magician who is chronically single leaves a lot of time for RJ to think about the world  and all of the things that piss him off, usually for all of the wrong reasons...or are they? In his free time RJ enjoys cooking, hammocking outside and writing self deprecating website bios.

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The idea for the podcast came from RJ's Instagram Highlights!

"I always make my story an actual story with a beginning, middle and end, with a few twists and cliffhangers. I had so many people tell me I need to start a podcast I finally decided to just jump in."